Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Healing Educational Programs With International Certificates In Egypt & Online

Egypt is a land of healing. Egypt has different sources of healing. The Energy of the Pyramids, The Nile, Temples, Churches and Mosques. In Egypt, you need a Guru to lead you through these places to the right way of your healing. Yoga Federation of Egypt presents Healing Programs In Egypt and online worldwide with Guruwafaa; the founder & president of the federation and doctor of yoga, healing & metaphysical science. With Yoga Federation of Egypt, you can find different kinds of physical, mental, emotional,spiritual, ancient and modern healing programs.
Yoga Federation on Egypt, Africa and Middle East presents Healing Educational Programs with International Certificates in Egypt and online worldwide. Have your healing tour with Guruwafaa inside the sacred places in Egypt. Have your healing session and heal your body, mind, heart and soul with:
Angelic Healing Metaphysics
Ancient Egyptian Healing Metaphysics
Healing with Crystals and Elixirs
Healing through Human Energy Field
Quantum Energy for bones correction
Therapeutic Jewelries
Fine Arts
Healing with Colors
Healing with Sounds
Yoga Therapy
Chakras Healing
Heal yourself and/or be a Professional Certified Healer with educational healing programs of Yoga Federation of Egypt.
Please have info about yoga classes, yoga teacher training, healing sessions and educational healing programs in Egypt on the official website of Yoga Federation of Egypt

President of Yoga Federation of Egypt, Africa and Middle East
Love, Light, Peace and Blessing

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