Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guruwafaa's peace and Healing Meditation for Egypt

"Peace For Egypt" Healing Meditation By Guruwafaa
Since 25th January 2011, Guruwafaa is leading a "Peace for Egypt" Healing Meditation Program.
Every Friday morning at 9:00am she starts her healing meditation for Egypt with her student at the main hall of Yoga Federation of Egypt in Mohandseen, at the Great Pyramid or by the Nile. She invites everyone everywhere to share her healing meditation even from his own place for group healing meditation with love for Egypt.
Guruwafaa invites the Yoga community worldwide to share Yoga Federation of Egypt her peace and healing weekly meditation for Egypt.

Healing Meditation:

Healing Meditation is for cleaning the negative energy around places, minds and hearts of people anywhere and anytime. Before you start your healing meditation, you should open your heart and mind with love, light, peace, blessing and healing for the person or the place that you are meditating for. You should feel energy of love and peace then send them with your heart and mind with the intension of Healing.

Guruwafaa's Healing Meditation:

In the Ancient Language of Egypt, Guruwafaa is chanting an ancient mantra with very strong energy of healing and peace. At the Pyramids of Giza, she is chanting and sending her healing from the center of the Great Pyramid out to the rest of Egypt for healing and protecting it. By the Nile, she is chanting and sending her healing from the heart of the Nile to the rest of Egypt for healing, cleaning and calming it. At the main hall of Yoga Federation of Egypt, Guruwafaa chanting her Ancient Egyptian Mantra for peace and healing Egypt with her students & others who like to join the healing group meditation. Those who like to share Guruwafaa's Peace for Egypt Healing Meditation inside and outside Egypt; they can contact her through


Doctor of Yoga, Healing and Metaphysical Science.
Doctor of Ancient Egyptian Healing Metaphysics.
Founder and president of:
 Yoga Federation of Egypt, Africa and Middle East.
Founder and director of Egypt Yoga Art School®.
Founder and director of W A F A Y O G A studio®
Founder and director of:
 Guruwafaa's Heart of the Nile Honor and Guruwafaa's Heart of Egypt Honor.

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