Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Travel to Egypt

Guruwafaa is a Spiritual Guide to Egypt
Enjoy her Metaphysical Tour Egypt from Alex to Luxor

Join Guruwafaa in Metaphysical Cultural Tour in Alexandria - Library of Alex

Alex beautiful boats of fishers

The beautiful city of Alex

 Metaphysical Tour by Guruwafaa to Quytebay castle in Alex

Yoga and Metaphysical Meditation by Guruwafaa at the Great Pyramid of Giza

Visit The Pyramids of Giza with Guruwafaa in Metaphysical Tour

Guruwafaa leads Metaphysical Meditation to Ancient Egyptian past life energy

Energy communication with the Pyramids by Guruwafaa

Camels Tour at Pyramids area with Guruwafaa

Angelic Metaphysical Tour to The Citadel, Cairo by Guruwafaa

Metaphysical Art Tour by Guruwafaa at El Sohemy Art House, Old Cairo

El Sohemy Art House

Metaphysical Tour to the old market Khan El Khalily in El Hussein Area - Old Cairo
with Guruwafaa- Metaphysical Angelic Program and open shopping time

Guruwafaa Takes you to her Metaphysical Green Healing Meditation in Fayyoum

El Fayyoum Green Beauty of open farms

Quaroun Lake in Fayyoum

Desert of Fayyoum Road to El Rayyan Valley 

Egyptian food in Fayyoum

Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Program by Guruwafaa

Feeling the Metaphysical power of The Spirit of Ancient Egyptians over the Temples through Guruwafaa

Nile Cruise for Metaphysical Nile Tour with Guruwafaa

The Paradise life by the bank of the Nile

Guruwafaa with farmers of Luxor 

Join Guruwafaa in Metaphysical  Spiritual Tour Egypt