Friday, November 6, 2015

الناس مواسم

للناس اطياف لموسم معين، يتمركز داخلهم فى لُب الكينونة البشرية. هل انت صيفى ، شتوى، خريفى ، ربيعى ام مجرد يوم حار يمر بعد غيمة ممطرة؟ 
الموسم حال شهر او يوم او لحظة موسم تمر وينتهى موسمك اللحظى معها. انت الموسم
 د/ وفاء ياديس

Friday, August 7, 2015

Metaphysical Art Jewelry for Places by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

We Create Special Designs For Your Home, Office, Studio, Workshop, Garden, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom Or Dining Room. You Can Also Have Pieces Into Places You Visit. 
For Places You Live Or Work At, We Design Stable Clusters, Geodes And Therapeutic Metaphysical Geometric Gemstones.
For Places You Visit, We Design Mobile Pieces Of Gemstones For Keeping Your Balance And Clean Surrounding Wherever You Go. 

Charm Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

We Design A Piece Of Metaphysical Beauty For Men, Women And Children. Every Charm Piece Of Jewelry Is Made By Dr. Wafaa Yedisu For Communicating With A Concept In Life. We Design Special Charms For Friends, Families And Work Colleges.

Men's Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

As Every Man Needs A Special Piece Of Metaphysical Art Jewelry, Dr. Wafaa Yedisu Has Created A Brand That Gives Every Man A Piece Of Jewelry According To His Daily Needs Of Balance. New Designs Contain Different Aspects Of Metaphysical Science That Affect Your Mood, Actions And Reactions. Enjoy Looking At Our Ready To Go Pieces, Order The Piece That You Are Attracted To Or Request A Special Piece According To Your Needs And Budget.

Yoga Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

For Yoga Teachers, Students, Fans, Masters And Gurus. We Create Special Pieces Have The Knowledge And Energy Of Mind And Heart Of The Science And Art Of Yoga. Made By Shri Yoga Mataji GuruWafaa The Owner And Designer Of Jewelry By Dr. Wafaa Yedisu. Each Piece Has A Path Of Energy Takes Its Owner Into A Different Sensation Of A Yoga Concept. A Collection That Relaxes Your Mind, Opens Your Body Healing Centers, Comforts Your Heart And Sends Your Soul Free With Joy. Try One Piece And Join Our Yoga Crystal Family Group With Love, Light, Peace And Blessings. 

Tibetan Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

All Are High Quality Gemstones From The Land Of Tibet. No Mining Energy Over The Gems. We Create The Happy Healthy Tool Of Beauty Through The Gems Of Tibet. We Keep The Natural Tibetan Land Unique Frequency And Elevate It Through The Right Design. With The Knowledge And Wisdom Of The Old Tibet We Design For You A Unique Piece Of Jewelry.

Arabian Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

No One Has Not Have A Dream Of Living An Arabian Night Or Has A Piece Of Arabian Jewelry. It Is Magic Around Arabian Real Metaphysical Jewelry With Its Equations To Has The Keys Of Opening Doors Into Another World To Get Knowledge Of Other Lives Through Arabian Metaphysical Jewelry. We Have Old Equations Science Of Arabian Metaphysical Jewelry. Have A Piece And Let's Follow Up With You Till You Get One Of Other World Doors. Enjoy Our Collection, Order Any Piece Or Request A Special Design According To Your Budget.

Islamic Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

It Is Metaphysical Majestic Divine Art What Was At Its Time Islamic Divine Creations. They Created An Angelic Metaphysical Way For Healing Souls And Connecting Human Being In All Races With Mercy And Universal Love. We Regenerate The Original Meaning Of The Angelic Metaphysical Islamic Art Jewelry By Dr. Wafaa Yedisu.

African Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

Africa The Mother Of All Lands Has Its Own Metaphysical Art Culture That Gives Deep And Strong Effects Hit The Core Of Any Human Being. Dr. Wafaa Yedisu Presents Metaphysical Art Soul With Heart Of The Mother Land. Have One Piece And You Will Never Stop . Enjoy The Magic Of Africa.

Egyptian Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

All Gemstones From The Land Of Egypt With Materials To Complete The Metaphysics Of The Design. Ancient Knowledge Of Egyptian Metaphysical Science Is Used For The Chart Of These Special Pieces. We Design, Show Our Design, Take Your Agreement Then Create Your One Of The Kind Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Pieces Of Beauty.

Metaphysical Art Jewelry by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

No one doesn't have a question about metaphysical jewelry and if it is really has an effect that reflects on the physical level of the human system. Yes, it is has a magnificent effect on physical level. You need to try one piece with available budget to have a personal experience that gives you a true answer.
Try one piece of our production 2016 on Order any piece or request a special design according to your budget starting with 50$. We follow up with you through our support team on e- mail till you get the required effects within 3-5 days.
Have fun on our page Have time contact our administration on any post to get direct contact with information and answers for any questions with love, light, peace and blessings