Autistic Child Day®

Guruwafaa's Autistic Child Day®

5th July, 2011- Egypt, Cairo 

This year Guruwafaa's Autistic child Day® was held in:

 El Azhar Park 


 Egypt Yoga Art School

Art work of an Autistic Child

Art work of two kids together

Team work

Guruwafaa's Autistic Child Program®:
Understanding the Autistic Child case
 The Bless of the Autistic Child
 Healing for the child and his environment
Healing and preparing for the family of the autistic child
 The future of the Autistic Child
 The short journey from Autistic Child to Normal Special Child
The life Journey from Autistic Child to Normal Special Human Being.

Love, Light, Peace and Blessing

Sri Yoga Mata Guruwafaa Ji

Creator and Director of Guruwafaa's Autistic Child Day®
President of Yoga Federation of Egypt, Africa and Middle East®

Doctor of Yoga, Healing, and Metaphysical Science
 Director of:
Egypt Yoga Art School®
W A F A Y O G A studio®