Heart of the Nile Honor®

Guruwafaa's Heart of the Nile Honor®
Guruwafaa the president of Yoga Federation of Egypt, Africa and Middle East is the creator and director of Guruwafaa's Heart of the Nile Honor. In the world, There are many associations, foundations and spiritual leaders help the International society to grow spiritually with balance. These associations, foundations and spiritual leaders are working hard all over the world to improve spiritual education, health, culture for everyone  and improving spiritual services. For Their International Role of Spiritual Giving, Supporting and Leading Others to the Path of Better life and Spiritual Growth, Guruwafaa has been created Heart of the Nile Honor for them.

 Guruwafaa's Heart of the Nile Honor® of Spiritual Giving 2011.

1-Grand Mufti of Egypt Sheikh Mohammed S. Tantawy
7- Maulana Sheikh Sufi Omar - spain
For His/Its Spiritual Giving and Leading Others to the Path of  Divine Light, Love and Peace.
              Egypt, July 2011                                                           
               Yoga Mata Guruwafaa  

For spiritual leaders who gave their lives to help and lead others to the right way.

For Candidatures for Guruwafaa's Heart of the Nile Honor, Please contact Guruwafaa


Love, Light, Peace and Blessing

Sri Yoga Mata Guruwafaa Ji

Creator and Director of Guruwafaa's Heart of the Nile Honor® Project