Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guruwafaa in Luxor- March 2012

Metaphysical Tour Egypt- Luxor with Dr. Guruwafaa all March 2012. Amazing 3days every week with Guruwafaa in Luxor Temple in  Spiritual Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Contact in ancient time of the same place of Luxor Temple. A special program for Masters of Metaphysical Science& Masters of time traveling to contact ancient time in present place by guidance of Dr. Guruwafaa.
Metaphysical Tour -Egypt is available for students and groups according to their spiritual study, understanding and personal ability by Dr. Guruwafaa.
This program is organized by International Healing and Metaphysics Federation and with cooperation of Yoga Federation of Egypt, Africa and Middle East and media covered by  Guruwafaa's Media.

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