Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guruwafaa's Heart of Egypt Honor July 2011

Guruwafaa created "Heart of Egypt" Honor For all the leaders associations 

Al Orman Association

Bint Masr Association

Resala Association

Every one gives from His Heart to other hearts
From His Soul to other souls
From the Light of His life
To Life after Life after Life
He Who gives from His Heart and SoulLife after Life after Life, has the Heart of Egypt

This is the meaning of Guruwafaa's Heart of Egypt Honor

Guruwafaa is pioneer spiritual leader who represents Egypt, Africa and Middle East in Universal and International spiritual Parliaments, Federations, organizations, schools, associations, universities and Ministers.
Guruwafaa is worldwide Ordained Minister of Metaphysics, Doctor of Metaphysics, Master of Ancient Egyptian Healing Metaphysics and Fine Artist
Guruwafaa is the creator, owner and director of:
 Egypt Yoga Art School: The first and the only International Professional Certified Egyptian yoga school
 DAPO School: The first and the only International Professional worldwide certified school for Healing and Metaphysics
Romashka Studio: For arts and Media production. For more than 20 years, Guruwafaa is working yoga and fine arts with children. She is creating, directing and producing programs for children of special needs and autism
Guruwafaa Wikipedia

Shri Yoga Mata Guruwafaa Ji
For Their Social Role of  Giving, Supporting  and Leading Others to the Path of  Better life

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