Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Bless of Autistic Child

If you have an autistic child, you are blessed. The autistic child is not a problem but he is not the solution for your own problems. The Autistic child lives in his own world with oneness with God. He is not sick or locked inside the unknown. He likes his oneness and he is very comfortable there. He doesn't have a problem in his own safe world with God. His problems start when you start to pull him from his level to your level of the world. He is in another level of the same material world. How to live with your Autistic Child?

Guruwafaa's Autistic Child Program is the solution.
The program includes:
Understanding the Autistic Child case
The Bless of the Autistic Child
Healing for the child and his environment
Healing and preparing for the family of the autistic child
The future of the Autistic Child
The short journey from Autistic Child to Normal Child
The life Journey from Autistic Child to Normal Human Being

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