Monday, March 2, 2015

Healing with Agate by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

Natural polished Agate Gemstones 

Agate gemstones are the oldest gemstones has been known by man. We activate the inactive sleeping powers that the earth keep inside agate. These powers are just like the life power inside a seed of flower. Dr. Wafaa Yedisu awakens these powers in scientific ways include the science of metaphysics, geology and chemistry. After days and weeks of the right steps on the Agates, the gemstones start to breath as a new born baby. Each case of human physical or mental imbalance that needs the power of Agate, each person has different shape and kind with different extra process of preparation for the Agate.
We are happy to join all of our work with therapy sessions and life guidance consultations.
We also teach all our metaphysical science process for Agates gemstones in educational courses with International Practitioner Diplomas.
Join our Agate Gemstones healing methods by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu

Natural unpolished Agate

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