Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A book by Dr.Wafaa Yedisu ما وراء الجسد

A unique book includes scientific manners of telling the story of the soul. From beyond the material elements at the realms of Divine World. Passing through the Earth and physical connection with the soul. Going back to Divine realms after finding the reality of the next position to Heaven or Hell. As each person work all his life time to find out his real path for what comes next. The book contains chapters of personal meditation states of the author. The book includes also a chapter of daily Divine activities in poems as the author has her own way of Divine Daily practical way of living. Dr. Wafaa Yedisu is the president of Yoga Federation of Egypt, Africa and Middle East. She is well known in the International Yoga Community as " Shri Yoga Mata Guruwafaa Ji" the Mother of Yoga GuruWafaa Her honour. Dr. Wafaa Yedisu serves her community as well as the International Global World as a Spiritual Guide. Her book's name is ما وراء الجسد meaning Beyond the Material Body. The book is written in Arabic and has been prepared to be published in several language soon.
The Publisher: Dr.Wafaa Yedisu Books
The price: 120.00 L.E - 17.00US$
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Dr.Wafaa Yedisu Book ما وراء الجسد

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