Monday, June 17, 2013

The Master of Egyptian Desert Meteorite Crystal

Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite / Libyan Desert Glass

28,000,000 years ago, a meteorite hit what is called today Sahara "western desert" of Egypt. Thousands of Years ago, Ancient Egyptians found the crystals which have the effect of this meteorite. They used it for healing, surgery and many metaphysical use. 

Golden Libyan Glass/ Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite

Today, the science analysis the energy of this crystals as mystery and not familiar but very strong. This 98% pure Silica has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects. Dr. Wafaa H. A., Doctor of Metaphysical Science has been working for many years with Egyptian Desert Crystals and Glass Meteorite or what some call Libyan Glass.In Egypt, Africa and Middle East, Dr. Wafaa H. A. is the only professional healer and International metaphysical practitioner who became the Master of the Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite/ Libyan Desert Glass or The Ancient Egyptian Crystal. 

Dr. Wafaa H. A. " Guruwafaa Ji"

" To know the true effect of the Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite, you need to open all your system and have a complete chakra balance. The human system opens for higher level of awareness when the system is ready other wise imbalance happen. In case of chakra balance with opening system, this amazing crystal takes you to any place or time that you are ready to be in. On physical level, the Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite gives strength and center. It opens areas in the physical body that you will feel clear if you have total awareness of your interior organs. It heals and clears the tissues. Mentally, this amazing crystal wait for you to open with help then it became a device of  time and place travel.It communicates with your mind and let you direct it to whatever you are ready for. It can take you many years ago to show you events and places. It can be a window to another world. It can be your gate to other realms. I already experienced all that in levels during my sleep and awaken states. I had access to information from Earth and found out later that all were true.Other information are not from Earth. This crystal has the power to take you to other Galaxies and come back. Emotionally, Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite is a deep healer if you let it work with you. Just open your heart and let it balance, clear, heal a strengthen your heart. It guides you to your soul mate on Earth or other realms and let you contact, hear and see. That happen to me too years ago. Spiritually, It make you aware of the physical existence of the soul.It takes you to higher level of souls communication with protection and balance. Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite is a perfect tool for body to body, mind to mind, heart to heart and soul to soul communication. All these wonderful effects has been known by Ancient Egyptians but reading about is nothing like living it.I live it all with my own collection of Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite and I teach my students every day and let them live it too after preparing them step by step and spport them to understand every thing before, during and after their experiences." ~ Dr. Wafaa H. A.
 " Yoga Mata Guruwafaa Ji " 

Golden Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite/ Libyan Desert Glass

Dr. Wafaa is the owner of Angelic Therapeutic Metaphysical Jewelry by Divine Crystal Souls Company. She has the biggest supply of Egyptian Desert Crystal Meteorite from Egypt to the rest of the world.

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