Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yoga Federation of Egypt

Egypt Yoga Art School

Note: How to fill this application is already written down on the same page.

1- Name:

2- Date of birth: day/ month/ year

3- Mobile number:

4- Countery / Area

5- Study /  Job/    Position /  Website

6- E-mail :

7- The program that you decided to join in our school, choose from the list or just write your needs.

The list:

8- Way of study:  At Egypt Yoga Art School   OR  Online

9- Way of  payment: Cash   OR  Transfer through Western Union

10- Number of stydents: Individual   / Couple /  Group

11- Time of attendence available for you:  Days of weeks  / Hours of the day

 12- Join your application with a recent photo of you.

Note:1- All information you need, already written with each program. For any more information not written, please write your question with your application info. Questions without application will not be answerd.
2-Application without recent photo will not be answerd.

To fill this application:

Click on Post a comment link- at lift corner down this page.

Click on Show original post 

Fill the application in the box of comments

Note: Your application will be received to us in private e-mail

Thank you

Your application will be replayed within 48 hours

Sri Yoga Mata Guruwafaa Ji

Doctor of Yoga, Healing and Metaphysical Science

President of Yoga Federation of Egypt
Director of Egypt Yoga Art School
Director of W A F A Y O G A studio

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